Taulman 3d nylon 618 filament

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This is top quality nylon filament from Taulman3D which is perfect for printing with on Repraps. Technical details below.


Although nylon can be printed on most reprap printers, we recommend using a higher temperature extruder like e3d-online.com


The 3mm spool is 56meters long.

The 1.75mm spool is 170m

Both weigh just over 1lb.


Start Here ->  If you are new to 3D Printing, or unsure as to the "What do I need to do differently to use 618" ?  The answer is very simple..  Just load 618 into your printer and Hit "Print"!  618 prints over a wide temperature range and while your current temperature may be low for maximum bonding, you may not need a part that can survive a sledge hammer on your first print.  There are just a few items to note so you eventually get the best from 618's properties.
1.  618 will not print/stick to glass or aluminum print tables.  The best table material for a new user is a flat piece of unfinished poplar wood or blue painters tape. These are at all hobby stores or home depots.  For perfect adhesion, check the information below.
2.  618's bonding is best at a true 245C.  
3.  You may have heard nylon emits fumes.  618 does not emit any fumes for printing.  Actually, there is no odor at all from 618.  You may see what looks like puffs of smoke, but it is actually water vapor or steam.  If you are interested in seeing a full report on extruding Nylon based materials, please check this link as it's an extensive report used by all of industry.

         Again, just hit "Print"!



taulman 618 Technical Specifications:

Type = 4-Station-Drawn and Extruded "3D Printing Specific" Nylon based co-polymer.

Physical Properties        Metric                        English                    Comments
                              1.134 g/cc               0.0409 lb/in³         ISO 1183-A
Water Absorption     
       3.09 %                      3.09 %                      ISO METHOD 62
Mechanical Properties    Metric    
                   English                   Comments
Tensile Strength, Yield    66.0 MPa    
          9572 psi               ISO METHOD 527
Elongation at Break     
    >= 300 %              >= 300 %             ISO METHOD 527
Flexural Modulus     
        0.966 GPa           141 ksi                  ISO METHOD 178
Flexural Yield Strength    48.0 MPa    
          6840 psi               ISO METHOD 178
Izod Impact, Notched      1.57 J/cm    
         2.93 ft-lb/in           ISO METHOD 180
Thermal Properties        Metric    
                    English                    Comments
Melting Point     
                   218 °C                      424 °F                     ISO METHOD 3146C

Glass Transition Temp     49.4°C. 
Heat Deflection Temp at 66 psi                   338 – 432 °F      D648
Processing Properties    Metric    
Print Temperature     
          235 - 260 °C     
-    Part and printer dependent.
Pyrolysis                            350 - 360 °C
UV                                      There are no UV Inhibitors within 618 as they reduce bonding

Safety                                 618 meets the EU's "REACH" requirements as defined by the ECHA European Chemicals Agency.  There are NO additives or chemicals in 618 that are listed in the REACH Directive.

                                            618 Contains NO toxic chemicals and is "inert" to the body.  

                                                    As with all 3D Printing using heated polymers, Caution should be used so as NOT to come into
                                                           contact with the molten 618 (218C+) as it will adhere to ALL cellulose surfaces, including skin.





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