RepRap Intro - Heated Bed Upgrade Kit


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  • Optional upgrade: Heated Bed - with cooling fan and status LED. Print larger parts, or print with nylon and ABS. Several print surfaces included: glass, kapton tape and carbon fibre: While the print surface is hot, it holds prints firmly, when cool it releases completely. No cleaning fluids or adhesives are required. The heated bed will cool quickly when a print job finishes, thanks to a fan on the underside. Once cool the bed can be automatically swept clear, allowing new jobs to begin without attention. (pair with the upcoming Parts Store for best results.)


The RepRap Intro

Have fun improving your practical engineering skills in mechanics, electronics, computer science & CAD with the RepRap Intro Assembly project! It's very easy to get going. And everyone's journey to Mastery is unique.

    3Distributed have spent the last two years in R+D. Final prototypes have been tested in operation for 12 months now. The result is ready to roll!

    During development, more than one commonly accepted approach to 3D-printer design was rejected in favor of a new idea. We then took alpha test feedback onboard and improved the design further. The result is fun and easy to assemble, disassemble, customise and create on.

    The RepRap Intro 3D printer is a modular design that encourages your own, custom arrangement. It features a long tail of upgrades and expansions: like extruder arrays, auto filament Estep calibration, an LED Lightbox (for product photography) and turntable 3D scanner. All this makes for a feature rich 3D machine. It's a technology that matures as you do. And it starts at an accessible, entry level price point. Why not help grow the 'long tail' yourself? New features you design and share will be directly implementable on other RepRap Intros. Your prototyping work will receive full credit.

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