RepRap Intro Alpha

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Alpha Edition Trials - please take our survey to participate

  • Multi-material / colour-switch printing with up to 16 bowden extruder drive/filament feeds addressing one or more hotend nozzles.
  • Autonomous operation with automated part removal, 1080p wide-angle webcam and full remote control via your android smartphone.
  • Easy adaption/recovery with quick-fitting magnetic hotend blocks and magnetic print-bed plates in custom sizes.
  • A price/speed/accuracy tradeoff that is suitable to your budget, with a range of mechanical solutions to choose from. Polymer bushings, rollers or precision Igus linear rail.
  • A quick and childishly simple build with modular electronics, and keyed-USB plug implementation. There's only 6 cables to plug in.
  • And a few more Easter eggs for you to find at your leisure.


    3Distributed have spent the last two years R+Ding. Final prototypes have been tested in operation for 6 months now. Made from 4mm precision ACS and 6mm clear acrylic, the result is nearly ready for launch.

    During development, more than one commonly accepted approach to 3D-printer design was rejected in favor of a new idea. These new approaches need more general-user feedback to properly validate their application.

    The RepRap Intro 3D printer has several implementations. It is a modular design that encourages your custom arrangement. It features a long tail of upgrades and expansions allowing for a feature rich 3D machine, and retaining an attractive entry level price point.

    If you'd like to receive one of these units, you'll participate in our alpha testing and you're comfortable on the sometimes frustrating bleeding-edge of hardware development, then please complete this 10 question Survey.

     Product (prototype) and sample print photos will be uploaded shortly.

    We look forward to working with you.



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