Completely Bespoke, High Definition 3D Printed Miniatures

Our 3D sculptors will build your ideal miniature from your unique character description. 

Finally, you can have the PERFECT mini for your treasured heroes! 


Hi guys, my name is Andy and I'm one of the directors here at 3Distributed. I am also a DM and player in several d&d 3.5 games. I had some trouble a while ago finding a mini for a rat lycanthrope rogue (in hybrid form) after my character got bitten! After a bit of playing around I managed to sculpt and print exactly the character I wanted which made me realise, that’s something I've never managed to achieve in all my years of gaming. I've always had to tailor my character to the model rather than the other way around. 

I went through this process with a couple of the baddies from the game I DM for (pictured below) and ended up with pieces with better detail than any cast mini I have used before and most importantly it was precisely the character I had written in my world. So we've put together a network of 3D sculptors, 3D printers and painters to allow you to do the same (and named the service in honour of my oldest character - Stormbeard.)


Example 1: Oigon Xgorf of the Free Orc Army  


All you need to get started is to write up a description of your character/monster/anything else, and e-mail it to andy@3distributed.com or go to http://www.3distributed.com/products/custom-sculpted-miniature to place your order. 


So far People are using the service for: 

- Their most developed D&D characters 

- Putting their own likeness on the miniature 

- Getting an existing miniature/character in a different pose 

- Making a physical model of an online/in-game character 

- Some people are even using the service to start their own lines of cast miniatures and using our 3D prints as a master. 



For each character you should consider including:

  1. As detailed a visual description as possible (sketches and pictures, however rough, are always useful) 
  2. A personality description to help our sculptors know who they're bringing to life
  3. Weapon choices 
  4. Stance 
  5. Clothing/armour and other equipment 
  6. Colour scheme and ground description (if choosing 'painted')
  7. Height (prices below are based on 28mm scale)

We may ask for clarification on some points. 


Example 2: Priestess Jessian Bolzahnak - The Jilted Queen

Created from the following description...

"Character info: A female dwarf necromancer. Angry and evil but also charismatic and beautiful. She deposed the king who jilted her and is wreaking her revenge on the world by raising undead.

Appearance: She is a magic user and wears royal robes and a crown. She is good looking and relatively curvaceous (for a dwarf! So still quite stocky). She could have a morning star hanging at her side but a great pose would be, holding a spell book in one hand and a ball of magical energy/flame in the other! When I say royal robes I imagine fur around the edges but if you have other ideas that’s fine. Also, big and/or interesting hair (maybe blowing in the wind, to show her power).  A few accessories – maybe bones as she is associated with undead."

Introductory sale £119 /custom miniature

(ends Jan 31st 2015)


For more up-to-date pricing info, miniatures in other scales, quotes for other sculpting work, or any other questions, comments or proposals, e-mail andysw1985@gmail.com 


We are also happy to hear from gaming shops and clubs who may be interested in becoming part of this project. 


Friends of Stormbeard...



Fantasy Intro...

As you push open the ornate doors and step into this hall of wonders your foot activates a pressure pad with a slight ‘click’. Mechanised trumpets shoot from the walls into position and play an elaborate (if slightly tinny) fanfare. Colourful banners and glittering confetti drop from the ceiling as a scruffy looking dwarf jumps over the counter with a mad look in his eye…

“Greetings traveller, and welcome to Stormbeard’s Emporium!” he screams, gesturing absurdly at everything. “So its minions you need, is it?” he continues as he calms down slightly and straightens his enormous beard. “I may be able to help you there.”

After checking outside for the city watch (with all the subtlety of an inebriated baboon in clown shoes) and locking the front door, the odd fellow pulls back a heavy red curtain and shows you through to the back room. With a flourish, he tugs away the dusty coverings from a huge object in the middle of the room, “Ta daaa!” Through the dim light you can make out brass cogs, pistons and half rusted hinges surrounding a spherical void.

Donning some goggles, the dwarf begins to mutter and giggle to himself as he cranks handles and pulls levers at what appears to be the control panel. The machine shudders into motion with a cacophony of ‘wizzes’ and ‘bangs’. Clouds of dust and smoke turn to steam as the machine gets into tempo with itself and a small light in the centre of the sphere grows into a mirrored bubble until it fills the space.

Stormbeard walks back to you and moves the now dirtied goggles to his forehead revealing an insane grin and twitching left eye. Ringing his hands with anticipation and leaning in he whispers, “What kind of minions?”


We promise to only send you good things.