Printscape 3D is the first service of its kind. Using contemporary 3D printing technology we are able to fabricate perfect physical replicas of 3D scanned landscape data. We can create landscapes of any size and specialise in large scale models. Whether your landscape is designed in CAD or a digital scan Printscape 3D can deliver a highly accurate physical copy. If you have a landscape based project at any scale or dimensions, please get in touch.



A Bit About Us

Printscape 3D is run by 3Distributed. We are an enthusiastic team with diverse artistic and scientific interests and love exploring them in conjunction with this revolutionary technology. Our first large 3D printed landscape developed from a passion for history and science; namely archaeology. Working with National Trust archaeologists in West Sussex, we manipulated lidar data of Petworth House and grounds and produced a precise 1:800 scale printed model of the topography there.

In our first test prints we were delighted to see how well the layers of the print mirrors the contours of the landscape. Since then we have been thoroughly convinced that 3D printing and lidar scanned landscapes compliment each other very well. The 3D printing process abstracts natural forms in such a way that the end result is intrinsically informative and highly readable.

With a Guinness World Record pending, we are proud to be the world leaders in large scale 3D printed landscapes and can’t wait for our next challenge.  




How Will Printscape 3D Help My Project?

There are two key applications for large 3D printed landscapes. Firstly as a teaching tool. In exhibitions concerned with the presentation of geographical information where a large map or model may have been used in the past, one of our prints will produce a much more tangible and scientifically accurate representation. These prints are particularly impressive as a centre piece in local museums, allowing you to display your area of interest whist simultaneously educating your audience about modern surveying techniques. This aspect is also of use to many university departments, especially archaeology, hydrology, geography and history.

The second main application for large 3D prints is in architecture and city planning. As most architectural firms are familiar with CAD software, it is a short step to turning your plans into perfectly fabricated physical models. Printscape 3D is the fastest and cost effective route from digital to physical and is the most impressive way to display your ideas. We can just as easily create cityscapes or focus on the plans for a specific building.

So far these two sectors are our main focus and we are looking forward to hearing your ideas on other ways to use the technology.



A Bit More About the Process

Commissioning a Printscape 3D landscape is easy. Once you know the area you are interested in reproducing, if your project is not for profit, all you need to do is go to https://www.geomatics-group.co.uk/geocms/ and register. Then select the area from their maps and download the 3D data. If you are a for profit venture, we can help in sourcing the data. Then simply send it to us and let us know the scale you would like to use. We can help with this if you prefer. Remember, if you cannot find the data you need, let us know the details anyway as we may be able to locate it for you. We will provide you with a quote which can include a mount or display case and an assembly team. All you need to do then is clear the presentation space and wait for us to work our magic.

Alternatively, if your project is in the early stages and you would like to discuss the possibilities just e-mail or call us to discuss what you have in mind. This technology is extremely versatile and we are open to all innovation. Also, should your project require other 3D services (like scanning or CAD modelling) we have an extensive network of 3D experts to support you. 


Contact Us

For any and all inquiries please e-mail;

hugh@3distributed.com or call Hugh on (+44)7789231917

andy@3distributed.com or call Andy on (+44)7799552376


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